what is it?

The Tool Drive is the ultimate in Tool lossless audio. All of the shows listed on this site fit onto a 750GB hard drive (actual size of the drive can be found below). Imagine if you had a 750GB drive laying around doing nothing but gathering dust....

It is hoped that by pooling resources together, a more accurate and extensive collection of live Tool recordings can be obtained and preserved. The drive will also grant the non-elitist Tool fan the pleasure of listening to hundreds of live shows without having to go through the process of trading with all the elitist morons in the current trading community. This is not just a free ride to a 750GB hard drive full of Tool. We require that you keep the drive updated, and that you try to add new/updated sources to the project, in true socialist form.

Once a Tool Drive has been acquired, you must log onto the Tool Drive Hub to download new/upgraded sources as well as contributing your new finds to the collective. We have introduced checksums for each year now which can be verified with Traders Little Helper to ensure that your drive is perfectly up to date after each update.

how do i get one?

To obtain a Tool Drive, email both Karl (specialK AT karlfrinkle DOT net) and Geordy (geordy312 AT gmail DOT com) and we will send you a list of emails of the people with a Tool Drive in your area of the world.

A large hard drive is by no means a cheap piece of equipment, therefore the utmost care will be taken in insuring that your drive is returned functional and in a timely manner. If you run into any problems, it will be taken care of quickly. Keep in mind that this is a lot of data to copy and there are external factors at work (USPS, etc). You are getting what took many years to compile in less than a month, so please be patient.

The type of drives that one can send will vary depending on who has graciously agreed to copy their drive for you. However, the standard way of obtaining a Tool Drive is to send a newly formatted 750GB (or larger) external hard drive with return postage paid in full.

how can I be sure my drive will come back to me?

This is a very serious question, and of course, there are no guarantees. If you are concerned about being ripped off, then you might want to try sending your drive to someone who has copied many drives. If you are interested in getting email addresses for multiple people in the project for references, that as well can be arranged.

Also remember, there are tracking options via UPS, Fed Ex and USPS to help keep track of your drive in transit and it may be worth the extra cash to keep your mind at ease while your drive is in transit.

Current directory sizes as of 2014.06.26:

Tool1991 - 0.23 GB
Tool1992 - 2.76 GB
Tool1993 - 17.5 GB
Tool1994 - 10.7 GB
Tool1995 - 1.93 GB
Tool1996 - 11.9 GB
Tool1997 - 13.8 GB
Tool1998 - 15.6 GB
Tool1999 - 2.28 GB
Tool2001 - 106 GB
Tool2002 - 122 GB
Tool2006 - 117 GB
Tool2007 - 79.2 GB
Tool2009 - 14.8 GB
Tool2010 - 18.7 GB
Tool2011 - 6.54 GB
Tool2012 - 18.4 GB
Tool2013 - 6.75 GB
Tool2014 - 3.38 GB
Tool Lossy - 1.00 GB
Tool Silvers - 4.58 GB