Welcome to the Tool Drive Project Site. Here you can learn all about the project, how it operates and how you can become involved in this incredible project. The project started early in 2005, and is still going strong after ten years! To learn a little more about the project, click on the about link in the menu above.


We are always looking for new members to help contribute in many ways, so feel free to contact us if you would like more information.



Well the second update took us a little longer to get to, but it is a massive one - over 17 GB and 29 recordings, including one from this year! You should have received an email from Geordy with update instructions, and if you did not, then please contact us as we may need an updated email address from you. Happy 4th of July everyone, try to make sure you make it through the day with all your fingers and both your eyes still functioning and attached to your body.


Did you miss us? We will be having two updates here, the first will be for the addition of the 2016 and 2017 shows, the second will be for shows pre 2016. It looks like things are slowly warming up in the Tool realm, so it's time to give the TDP a nice coat of paint and an upgrade! That being said, we are still actively looking for someone to help us convert the site to a more database driven/interactive site. If you have the skills, time, and interest, please let us know!


Oh man, another update, less than a month after the previous one. Guess what, expect another update after this one in the not too distant future. Hopefully we will get some more new sources from this little tour.


The crew is really coming together on this one... we actually have a mid-tour update! Perhaps this will make it a little less painful to add all the great sounding new shows to the drive from this January 2016 tour. As in the very recent past, all of these updates will be downloadable via MEGA with links available on our much more interactive and high-tech site at this url. If you are not on the email list for new updates, you should email us.


Geordy sent out an email with the update list for this month. A special thanks to Javier for actually putting this all together. Most of these are new shows/sources, only one upgrade, but it is a good one. We at the project hope you enjoy this second and last update of 2015. There should be an update in another few months after the next little tour is over! Also, remember that Gavin has been working on our fancy, more interactive site as well: Go here to check it out. Thanks Gavin!


The first update of 2015, with many great new sources. For a link to the MEGA location, email Karl or Geordy.


Another update, with new 2014 shows added. Also, Gavin has been working hard on making our website more interactive, please take some time to look it over and give us some comments! Go here to check it out. Thanks Gavin!


We have a small update to start off the tour! Also, for those of you interested, we have two DC++ hubs to help keep you updated, along with the torrent tracker. IF you want more info, email Karl or Geordy.


Happy Holidays, it's time for an update.


Update time!


So we are still alive and kicking. A few new recordings from the latest tour should slowly make their way onto the drive. In the meantime, one of the Drive Members, Gavin, has started working on a DB driven version of the site. If you think you can help contribute to the coding cause, or offer some helpfull comments/suggestions, go here.

On another note, we are actively looking for someone to host our DC++ Hub, as well as a torrent tracker for updates. One of you drive blokes should be able to make this happen, no?


An update is now set for October 1st. Since our tracker is down, with no foreseeable timeframe in which it will be back up, we will be doing this update over the OGT hub. If you do not know how to connect to the OGT hub, email Geordy or Karl. If you did not receive an email from us about this update, then you are not on our email list, and you need to be, so email us! We are still looking for someone to help convert this site over to a more database driven format, any takers?


Just a small two show update for May 1st. Current update size is 766 MB.


The April 1st update is nearing completion. Feel free to check out the updates page to see what is on this update. Current update size is 7.33 GB.


Yeppers, March update is up a week early!


Next update is up! Grab it while it is hot.


Geordy sent out a mass email yesterday in regards to the new update. If you did not receive the email, this would imply that you are not on the mailing list. Please email specialk or Geordy to get the information needed for the next update.


Just a small update to get things rolling before the 2012 tour kicks off. Happy New Year everyone!


Things have been rather slow on the Tool front, including locating new recordings. We do have a small update that we managed to get up for Labor Day weekend, enjoy!


If you have not been paying attention, note that we have been doing some serious updates, mainly upgrades, but a few new sources/shows as well. We are also working on getting a wiki version on this site up as well. If you happen to know how to code wiki at a reasonably confident level, please let us know, we could use your help and assistance.


Happy 2011 to everyone. The first update of the year will be up by 2011.02.01. Hopefully we will have a new website up and running this year. Stay tuned!


Another big update, 5.8GB with many more soundboards. Also, the Tool Drive Project tree now has a Google map. Cool huh?


Get ready for an 8GB + update, lots of upgrades, soundboards and new additions!


The next update is up! Also, for those of you who did not receive the email, you need to reregister on the Tool Drive Project tracker.


Things have been sort of slow around here of late, but a new update is in the works!


As promised, another update, Happy New Year to everyone!


It has been two months since our last update. However, this update contains a program that will allow you to compare two checksums, without verifying against a drive with TLH. A CS major at Southeastern Oklahoma State University wrote it for us, be sure to thank him! Take it for a test run, let us know if there are any issues. As a result, we have removed the checksums from the listings page. Expect another update on January 1st as well.


We have implemented a new system where shows to be added to an update must be in by the 15th of each month to be on the update on the first of the following month. From now on, expect smaller updates but on a more regular basis.


At long last, the next update is ready!


Another HUGE update in the works. Also, be prepared, the Tool Drive can no longer be copied to 500 GB drives.


It is now update time. New system is in place, good luck!


A monstrous update is on the way, plenty of new members and a little bit of work behind the scenes. Hopefully 2009 will see the TDP become more robust, up to date and DB driven!


Happy Halloween everyone. No new updates, but we do have a ton of new members!


No we are not dead, the project is still alive and kicking. There have been many people inquiring into the project, hopefully some of them will join the project. We will have an update in the next few weeks if all goes as planned. Until then, you can check out what is going to change on the next update by going to the updates page.


Another update, Geordy has pretty much been running the show the last two updated. We will have at least one new Tool Drive member soon as well!


Another update, nothing else to say.


Two new members and a big update is now up!


Yesterday was the first update of the year! We also have a few new people getting ready to join the project, so stay tuned. Hopefully 2008 will be a great year for the Project. Happy New Year to all!


We have some shows coming in slowly. There will be an update after the new year. Hopefully a few more sources will be out there by then. Remember to download the checksums for each year as well, it will take some time to verify each year.


It is finally update time, and it is a whopping 13.7GB to boot! Checksums can be found on the listings page at the beginning of each year. There is also a checksum for the newest update as well, so that you can verify that you have successfully downloaded everything. If your drive is really behind on updates, consider sending it off to someone who is caught up!


New update coming soon, and with it a change in procedure. We will be keeping md5 checksums in each directory, with new ones available after each update. This will help ensure that everyone has the exact same drive. The md5's will be available on the TDP Hub and on the listings page at the beginning of each year.


Happy Labor Day everyone. As you may have noticed, the Tool Drive Project Hub has been down for a little while. This has caused some people to be a little backed up on updates. We are planning on getting the hub back up in the next couple of weeks and it should be a little more stable. A big thanks to jcrab66 for all his hard work on that front. There are a few shows coming in slowly, but nothing too out of control.


A new update is here, and we have a new member, Freutsi, in Bavaria! Also, the size of the drive has been updated on the about page.


Happy 4th to everyone. A new update is coming very very soon, this one is going to pull in at around 15gb, so be prepared. All of these 24 bit sources take up a lot of space. We should also have a new member from France soon. The incoming page has been removed, as it really was not being used, and in it's place, all of the older updates have been put in the oldupdates page.


It is update time! We have more shows coming, but this is it for now!


OK, so it has been longer than a week, but hey, what can you do? It is update time!


We have a new member, Zombie. Updated size information on the about page. Incoming shows are updated and expect an update in a week or so (seriously).


Two big updates are upon us, close to 20gb total. Please hop on this as soon as possible!


For those of you who have not emailed jcrab66 with your username and password for the Tool Drive Hub, please do so as soon as possible (or contact specialK if you have questions).


Rest in Peace Bjorn, you will be sorely missed. Your enthusiasm and passion for the project went well above and beyond the call of duty. Your friendliness and witty conversation will be missed. Everyone loved to have you onboard, and no one will ever take your place. Our thoughts go out to your family.