History: The Tool Drive Project came about in 2003 after a couple of Tool fans got tired of dealing with all the drama associated with the trading of live recordings with certain collectors who made it their life's goal to introduce drama into the scene.  There have been several sites dedicated to hosting information about Tool's live excursions over the years, and they have included reviews of recordings and setlists of shows.  Sadly, that is all there ever was -- reviews and general information. The Tool Drive Project has slowly evolved over the past 15+ years. The early years consisted of an unorganized pile of CDRs, SHNs, MP3s and DVD backups being traded via DC++ hubs along with a simple spreadsheet. The Project has become much more organized, grown in size and scope, and the number of hard drives shipped to Project members, copied, and shipped back to an expecting parent, are now counted in the hundreds.

Purpose: The purpose of this site is to connect you, the fan, with all the resources known and public.  Not just setlists, but also the recordings themselves! There are multiple delivery methods available, and the intention is to make updating your drive with new sources as simple as possible.  Your Tool drive should be more than a current snapshot of the recordings the Project curates, but a living entity, updatable as new sources are located and added to the drive.

What is Here: On the site, you will find as much information as we can reliably find; feel free to poke around. With the upgrade to a database driven site, you have the ability to point out errors, inquire further about a specific show, whether to simply request it, or tell us that you have a recording we do not have yet.  Most important, of course, is the fact that you can request to get your own copy of the Tool Drive!

The People: Geordy and Karl started this project long ago in an effort to organize and disseminate these recordings to the masses, and the project has grown over the years. Individuals involved in the Project have come and gone over the years, and many have left a lasting imprint on this Project, some of whom we only knew by nicknames on DC+ hubs of yesteryear. Furthermore, many of those who recieved drives have subsequently made copies for others who have requested a copy, and that is what this project is all about!  Drew has graciously hosted the site for most of these years, and has done so expertly, without interruption.  People have tried to assist in bringing our information into a more user friendly fashion over the years, and we are grateful to Taylor and Jon for helping the Project to a major milestone - getting the site, and the way in which we distribute drives, up to 21st century standards.

Copyright Disclaimer: No copyright material is being hosted on, or delivered through this website.  All information is being provided for free, by fans, for fans.  Never pay for live recordings,  afterall, you made it this far!