Welcome to the Tool Drive Project!

Welcome to the Tool Drive Project!  Here you will find many resources related to Tool's live concertography.


2024.01.14: Two recordings from each of the Madison Square Garden nights are now up, enjoy!

2024.01.13: Thanks to Zach for getting the first recording of 2024 to the project! Good luck out there and let us know if you record and would like your recording added to the site!

2023.10.08: It's about fucking time we added a new show, isn't it?  Well, thanks to TJ we got one for you! Enjoy kids, more to come soon...

2023.07.18: To everony inquiring as if we are still doing this thing, we are indeed.  Those of us actively involved in maintaining this site have all been swamped with life and non-Tool related obligations.  We do have a lot of shows to still add to the drive and the site, so please be patient.  Hopefully by the Fall, when Tool is touring properly again, we will have some updates for everyone!  Until then, if you have questions, definitely email us, just be prepared to not hear back from us for a while. 

2022.03.26: The current leg of the tour is now over, and we wait for things start back up in Europe.  Good luck to all the European tapers out there (and those traveling to Europe to tape).  Thanks to everyone who has graciously supplied us with the recordings from this leg of the tour, we have almost every show captured.  If you happen to have a recording, or know of one, for the dates for which we do not have a source yet, please give us a holler.  And of course, if you have a recording of a date for which recordings already are listed, we would still love to get another source!  We will continue to add new sources, some new, some old, so keep an eye on the updates via the "Recent Changes" link in the menu.

2022.03.17: The v2.0 upgrade is being finalized right now!  Those of you with rclone accounts will notice that a rather large update is upon you, a 746GB update to be precise. So here are some of the details of what you will notice:

  1. Naming convention is now as follows, for folders it is:  toolYYYY-MM-DD.v#, and for individual audio files it is toolYYYY-MM-DD.v#.t##,  to align more closely with standard music file naming practices that you see on places like etree.
  2. All tracks have been tagged!  Yep, that’s right, song names (taken directly from the official releases) have been added to each track.  This includes both the FLACs and the mp3s streaming from the site.
  3. Track number, Title, Album, and Version tags are now visible in the web player.
  4. Each recording that was previously split as two discs is being combined into one continuous concert.  There are still 80+ recordings that are single tracks that need to be fully tracked out, but those will slowly get replaced in the near future as we track them out.

More about the tags: So we spent some time deciding how to properly tag each track in a recording, and for those of you who submit a recording, here are the fields that information is entered into to allow for scraping to display in the mp3 player on the site, and for FLACs that you download:

  1. Artist Name - Tool
  2. Track Title - toolYYYY-MM-DD.v#.t##
  3. Album Title - YYYY-MM-DD Venue, City, (State/Province for USA/CAN), Country ISO Code
  4. Date - YYYY-MM-DD
  5. Track Number - ## (always 2 digits)
  6. Total Tracks
  7. URL -  tooldriveproject.net
  8. Catalog # (Label No) - Version #
  9. Comment - full source lineage

There are some more bells and whistles that you will see in the near future, but we wanted to push out this part of the update before anything else happens. Things yet to come with the upgrade:

  1. All the text files will be updated with a standard form, this will be a small update, nothing like the 746GB update due to renaming and tagging.
  2. More interoperability with the website – now that shows have been tagged appropriately, search capabilities will be more granular.

With such a massive update, there is bound to be some human error (as all of this was done manually), so if you see an error somewhere, please let us know so we can correct it, crowdsourcing quality control is an awesome thing!

Lastly, you might have noticed that there is a pause on shows being added to the drive. We have 60+ shows to add, some new shows, some upgrades, some newly tracked out.  The 2022 shows will all get added shortly with older upgrades following after that.  

2022.02.02: For those of you getting antsy to see new sources of these recent shows pop up on the "Recent Changes" page, please be patient.  We have quite a few sources to add but the process takes time --  data needs to get transferred, then the recordings may get mastered, then tracked out, then labeld and tagged, and finally the polished gemstone needs to be added to the database. Soon though, we promise!!!!!

2022.01.19: We added quite a few new 2022 recording, thanks to all those involved in making this happen.  Just  a heads up on mp3 streaming, it usually takes a day to get the streaming files up and running, as they must be converted manually after rclone has synced overnight. So please be patient.  That being said,  yesterdays additions are now available for streaming.

2022.01.18: The 2022 recordings are starting to roll in, the first already up.  For those of you with accounts who use rclone to sync your drives, you will notice that the 2022 directory is labeled differently that the rest of the year directories.  This is intentional, as we are slowly working on transitioning to version 2.0 of the drive, a long-needed upgrade to the drive.  Please be patient while we work on this, more on that soon.  That being said, there will be a delay on adding shows from all tours before the current, as V2.0 file structure does not mesh well with the current version of the drive.  We hope everyone is enjoying the tour, keep those tapes rollin', those bit buckets a fillin', and spiral out!

2022.01.13: Just so you guys know... While several of us involved in the project record shows, we’ve not had the chance to get out on the road yet. If you’ve taped Tool and want us to post your recording here (or track, master, etc...), please contact us.

2022.01.01: Welcome to 2022 everyone!  It has been a while since we have added shows to the drive (I blame that on myself (specialK), most of the shows have been sitting there waiting to be added for 9 months). A nice handful of shows (new sources and upgrades) will be added over the coming week. We are looking forward to the 2022 tour, and hope that you all pull some great recordings to add to the drive!  It would be nice to have a couple of solid recordings from each show this tour for everyone's listening pleasure.  Remember - concerts are great memories, but you only get to relive those great memories if you tape the show!!!!

2020.12.30: Website and Drive stats are now available to every member!  After logging in you will find both options available in the main menu.  All stats update every 12 hours.  Enjoy!

2019.11.06:  So new shows are being added left and right.  For those syncing your drives, expect delays as quotas are met. For those of you trying to download shows via the download URL links, please let us know if there is any sort of issue in downloading, and try to be specific if possible.   Lastly, we hope you are enjoying these new recordings that have been released into the wild, and it would be greatly appreciated if you left a review after listening, give the rating and review system a try! And if you taped Tool and want to see your recording included on tooldriveproject.net we've made it super easy to upload and we'll handle the rest.  Just shoot us an email and we'll get you access.  

2019.09.02:  The new album is out, hopefully everyone has bought their copy (or copies) and are listening to it on repeat!  We have good news, in addition to streaming videos, we are now streaming the audio recordings as well!  Below the setlist on each recording's webpage, you will find an embedded player which will stream an mp3 version of the recording in question.  Special thanks to Chad and Jon for helping to make this happen, we needed some better streaming capabilities and a lot of coding to make this happen, and these guys stepped up!  Enjoy, and if you encounter any problems, be sure to send us a message.

2019.07.24:  At long last, video streaming is now available for video sources that the project has acquired over the years!  It was a long time coming, and was a serious undertaking, but you can now stream videos directly from the site.  If you see a status "Stream Only" and a camera icon while browsing sources, and you click on that source, you will find an embedded video that you can play (via YouTube).  Enjoy this new feature of the project, and let us know if you encounter any issues!  Also, to make navigation easier, we have removed confirmed/unconfirmed sources from the recordings page.  For the average user, this only made browsing confusing since you might be led to believe that there is a source for a certain date that was not actually on the drive.

2019.06.14: Lossy sources are all being moved to their respective year folders and eliminating the Lossy folder entirely.  Those of you using rclone to keep synced will not to do anything.  Similarly, in the near future we will also be eliminating all of the silver CD rips due to the fact that we have lower gen, or better sourced, versions of each recording the silvers are sourced from on the drive already.  If you want to keep copies of the silvers for your own personal collection, we suggest you copy them OFF the drive in the next week or two.  Once we delete them from the drive, rclone will come along and delete them from your drive next update cycle. As always, keep the recordings coming, and enjoy all the wonderful additions to the drive!

2019.05.18:  We have been slowly adding new sources to the drive.  Some of you may have noticed that your drives are not always syncing the new shows right away, this is due to high demand for download now that we have a substantial number of members all attempting to sync their drives at the same time.  Be patient, the new shows will get to your drives!  Also, still looking for some decent sources for the first show of this little tour, bring 'em on!

2019.05.08:  So a HUGE THANKS to Sevoflurane for sending the Project the first recording to surface for 2019!  Check the updates on the right, and get on this show ASAP!  For those of you with the rclone daily sync, it should magically appear on your drive next scheduled sync.  Cheers to all, and may many more shows soon follow!

2019.03.19:  The site is live!  For those of you with rclone set up correctly, send us an email with a username for the site and we will get the ball rolling on setting up an account for you.  Poke around the site, which is now DB driven, searchable, more interactive, and far more comprehensive than the previous installment. This has been a long time coming, and thanks goes out to Taylor and Jon for moving the upgrade to the site.  It has been a needed improvement to the project for many years, and has finally come to fruition!  As will all new sites, please poke around and if you find any problems, let us know!

2019.02.22: The new website is nearly complete, and will have many interactive user features.  The rclone process of obtaining a drive appears to be working wonderfully and instructions as to how to use rclone to keep your drive updated has been disseminated to interested members.  If you would like to know more, head to the contact page!

2019.02.17: Two new shows added to the drive, tests on the rclone update process were successful, expect to see instructions to interested members rolled out soon!

Rest in Peace Bjorn, you will be sorely missed. Your enthusiasm and passion for the project went well above and beyond the call of duty. Your friendliness and witty conversation will be missed. Everyone loved to have you onboard, and no one will ever take your place.

Show Date Show Location Modified
06/01/24AO Arena, Manchester England06/13/2024
02/03/24Paycom Center, Oklahoma City OK USA06/13/2024
02/03/24Paycom Center, Oklahoma City OK USA03/15/2024
11/13/23SNHU Arena, Manchester NH USA03/09/2024
11/15/23TD Garden, Boston MA USA03/09/2024
02/14/24Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles CA USA03/03/2024
02/14/24Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles CA USA03/03/2024
02/15/24Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles CA USA03/03/2024
02/17/24Toyota Arena, Ontario CA USA03/03/2024
02/18/24T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas NV USA03/03/2024


Q:  How do I create an account?
A:  Visit the Sign Up page to create an account.  However, registration is only required if you would like to:

1.) Rate shows
2.) Add reviews to shows
3.) Receive daily email notifications of newly added shows
4.) View website and drive stats.
5.) Get access to our Slack channel.

Every show is available for download without registering.  Simply go to the shows page and scroll down to the download link.

Q: How do I download the entire drive?
A: Send us a request using the Contact page and include your username.

Q: What do the version statuses mean?

  • OTD: On The Drive.  These are recordings we have in our posession and are on the drive and available for download.
  • Confirmed:  These are recordings we've confirmed exist but don't yet have in our posession.
  • Unconfirmed: These are recordings we believe exist but have not been confirmed.

Q: How do I donate?
A: We don't accept donations.  If you would like to give back, contribute a recording not yet on the drive :)

Q: Is there video on this site?
A: Yes!  If you would like to view only shows with video, go to Recordings > Filter Results > set Version Status to Stream Only.

Q: How do I update a setlist?
A:   Through setlist.fm.  Once the setlist is updated there the change will be reflected on this site.