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05/12/2022 - Accor Arena, Paris, France
Version: 1

Source:Edirol internal > Edirol R-09
Track Total:13 Tracks
Recording Length:134:59
Notes:Taped from the floor. During first song, people were still searching their place in front of me, some sound variation. Begining of The Pot, everybody standed up. I had to find a new position. Not a great recording but still listenable.
Litanie contre la Peur
Fear Inoculum
The Pot
The Grudge
Right in Two
Hooker With a Penis
Chocolate Chip Trip
Culling Voices
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"Not a great recording but still listenable" haha. i love how picky this taper is. Thats usually a good sign. This recording is impressive. Esp since its taped with internal mics from one of the first (or the first) digital recorders. Maybe its a newer model but i dont know that with this recorder, atm. A very very nice recording. Full,Clear and just all around awesome. Also the 2nd time Tempest has been played this year at all and its the best live recording of this song yet. kick ass recording! Thanks for taping and sharing. rec' of the week! ha
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Great recording ! So good to hear again this show ... it was an awesome night ... so many souvenirs in my mind for my 7th Tool's concert :) thanks to the taper :) kick ass !
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@bob18 Thanx a lot! I'm the taper for this one. I was not sor far (8th row) from the left speaker, probably why the sound is correct. I also taped Antwerpen 13th show from row 24th. Sound is not that good but still good. (will be available soon) When a recording is correct, I mostly always say "Not a great recording but still listenable" because if you say "good recording" there are always users to be disappointed. And yes, it's an old edirol R09 (not even the HR). I didn't tape show for years and just took it for Tool!
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There was a funny italian shouting (for those who did not get it) "no fuck, I can die now!" when he understands they are about to play 7empest
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Great sound, very clear! Also a neat setlist here.
Full Lineage:Edirol R09 (internal mic) @24/48 > FLAC
Recording Type:audience
File Codec:flac
Microphone Polar Pattern:unknown
Recorder Media:memory card
Recorder Codec:wav
Recorder Bit Depth:24
Recorder Sample Frequency:48
Added Date:05/17/2022
File Bit Depth:24
File Sample Frequency:48
Losless or Lossy:lossless
SetlistFM URL:https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/tool/2022/accor-arena-paris-france-63b7da57.html